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Thousands of people in cities across the country have come together to fight for a common cause, the Black Lives Matter movement. Spurred on by the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, the protests have swept the nation. While many are out on the streets with signs and marching for freedoms denied, there are many who want to stand up, show their support, and bring an end to systemic racism but have little idea of what they can do. Below are many different ways anyone can show their support. Any forward momentum can make a huge difference to bring about change that is centuries overdue. 

Donate to Black Lives Matter Organizations

Organizations like The Movement for Black Lives, Black Emotional & Mental Health, Black Lives Matter, and many more are all ceaselessly working to end systemic racism and fund the mechanisms and movements needed in order to do this. 

Donate to Bail Funds

Thousands of people have been arrested for participating in protests, even when they had broken no laws. Many protestors cannot fund their own bail fees, so donations are always welcomed. 

Sign Petitions

Letting your elected officials know that systemic racism is not acceptable is one of the best ways to show your support. 2020 is an election year so signing petitions for movements and bills that you feel are essential are crucial actions you can take during this time. 

Call Elected Officials

If signing a petition does not make you feel like you’ve done enough, you can call your local, state, and federal legislators. Every call counts as aids are tasked with handling the call volumes and recording any information discussed. Your lawmakers cannot make positive changes unless they know they will be held accountable. Even a phone call can make a large difference. 

Bring Resources to Protestors

The hottest days of the year are yet to come, but many protesters are standing outdoors in the heat with very little to eat or drink just to ensure their voices are heard. If you have the funds, buy bottled water or make packed lunches to distribute to local protesters. Not only will it help someone, but it is a very meaningful gesture that immediately shows you care. 

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Research local businesses in your area that are owned by people of color. Whether you get takeout, buy groceries, or purchase gifts for a friend, your money is supporting the movement and the cause. 

Educate Yourself

In this current climate, it’s not enough to say that you aren’t racist. Take the time to thoroughly read new articles and unlearn racist behaviors. Anti-racism is quickly becoming the world’s largest social movement, and it’s something every American, regardless of race, should take care to understand.