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Nowadays, technology plays a massive role in our everyday lives. We use technology and online platforms to educate our kids on meal planning, ordering online, or shopping in person for items. Children are advancing at an earlier age than before, where they almost grow up on technology and gaming systems. The earlier we introduce certain subjects to children, the more likely they are to love them and learn more about it. If there’s a game or some technology that teaches Science to children, they are more than likely to gain love through play.

Games teach children the fundamentals of life. The subject of Science is often seen as “hard” or not easy to understand. Games with aspects such as repetition, mystery, adventure, and exploring can help open up children’s eyes and minds to Science’s magical world. When a game introduces a concept to a child, they quickly grow fond of whatever they are learning. Children like to explore and feel a sense of accomplishment, so a science-related game with achievements, levels, and rewards can reinforce learning.

Many games such as gaming systems, phone games, and online games can incorporate Science into their interface where kids can learn about Science independently. Children like watching other children or other people to do fun activities such as experiments and play through learning. When a child can see someone else doing something, they are more energized to try themselves. Making Science, a game can trick a child into thinking they are only having fun where they are learning at the same time.

Once children begin to advance in skills and science games, kids can be introduced to new concepts and activities. This is where Science gaming innovators can show their creativity. Incorporating videos, interactive experiments, interesting facts, and experts questioning children through gaming platforms all can lead to a child’s love for Science.

Games catch the attention of children as early as infancy. It is a well-known fact that children learn through play, and when a subject such as Science is introduced through games, they can catch on quickly. Games with Science can spark an interest in Science and continue to build on it throughout a child’s life. There are many games which we as adults have fond memories of or will continue to play to this day. Just imagine if all of our gaming systems had Science and Math incorporated!