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The Trump administration has formed a new proposal concerning transgender citizens. Leaked to the New York Times last week, the new proposal has already been hit with major backlash. Not only is the proposal thought of as ethically wrong and goes against many human rights, but it also goes against the fundamentals of science.

The Proposal

During Barack Obama’s presidential term, Obama created a policy that broadened the definition of gender. This was a major step forward for the transgender community, but the Trump administration is looking to take back this progress with their new proposal. The proposal will define gender as biological and established at birth. This means that gender will no longer be a broad definition and instead something that is only defined by genitalia at birth.

This proposal by the Trump administration will go against the identities of 1.4 million Americans who identify themselves as transgender. Although the proposal has not yet been announced by Government and President Trump has not released a comment, there have been many cries against it.

The LGBTQ Community

According to Sarah Warbelow, the legal director of the Human Rights Campaign, the transgender people of the United States are “frightened.” Upon hearing about the new proposal, the LGBTQ community fears that the transgender people are trying to be erased. After the lengths they have gone through to be heard and understood, the Trump administration’s proposal will diminish all of their efforts.

Activists have rallied and protested outside of the White House in response. By adopting the hashtag #WontBeErased, they are making sure their voice is heard. Many members of the community, including Masen Davis, the chief executive of Freedom for All Americans, believe that this is a human rights issue. The new gender definition could overturn protection of transgender people under federal civil rights law. This includes many debates on bathroom and dormitories rights and single-sex programs.

Going Against Science

The LGBTQ community aren’t the only ones voicing their concern against the proposal. Over 1,600 scientists, nine of which are Nobel prize winners, have signed a letter condemning the new proposal. The letter against the proposal clearly argues that “the relationship between sex chromosomes, genitalia, and gender identity is complex, and not fully understood.” There is no scientific test to define gender because there are too many known and unknown factors that determine a person’s gender identity.

Scientists are just beginning to understand gender and the biological basis, but it’s clear it can not be defined by genitalia. Not only are scientists against the new proposal, but over 50 major companies as well. Companies including Apple, Google, Nike, and Amazon are against the Trump administration’s proposal. The United States is home to many diverse communities and individuals and attempts to erase these citizens will certainly be challenged.