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For many years, women and men of all races have been made to think at times that their body wasn’t good enough by the fashion industry. This is because for a long time industry made women think their bodies should be an hourglass shape and men have to be incredibly muscular. If you weren’t this type of body image that construed, then you were considered ugly or undesirable. It is this type of body image that this new generation has been chipping away at.

In recent years, more and more people have been rejecting the notion that everyone should have a certain type of body type. Through social media, many young adults have embraced body positivity and inclusion. They support fashion brands and magazines that include every type of body shape and color. It is very important for everyone to support and embrace body positivity in the fashion industry.


Before the industry began embracing body positivity, many men and women disliked their bodies and felt ashamed. No matter how many times friends and family tell you how beautiful you are, there is a magazine delivering the opposite message. The human fact of life is that it is easier to believe the negative and not the positive. This is why there needs to be more body positive in magazines and advertisements. The more body types the public sees, the easier the self-acceptance is. 


One thing magazines have done for decades is to portray the same type of body as beautiful or desirable. This type of portrayal delivers the message that if you do not have this body, face, or skin colors, then you are not beautiful. It should be no surprise that men and women come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. More body positivity in the media would help show that individuality is a beautiful thing and that looking different is more than okay. Individuality is what makes us who we are and it needs to be embraced. 

Healthy Lifestyle

There are many cases of depression and eating disorders because of women and men being told by the fashion industry that their too fat or not fit enough to be thought of as beautiful or attractive. Especially the models in the industry having to go to extremely unhealthy lengths to stay the image their industry wants them to be in. Not only does the body positivity movement encourage all body types to feel beautiful, but to also promote a healthier lifestyle. It’s not encouraging everyone to lose weight, but to be healthy and happy. Whether your body is healthy isn’t for anyone to decide and should be between you and your doctor. 

The main point of more body positivity in the fashion industry and media is to focus on the health and wellness of the mind and the body, no matter what shape, size or colors it is.